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Soul Spa - The Healing Spa

Healing  Meditations to soothe your soul...

Taking you on a spiritual soul journey to inner peace…

Find a quiet place where you can relax for at least 20 minutes, light a candle, burn some white sage or use

 aromatherapy oils. Put on some soft music or if you prefer just sit in silence.


It is always wise to protect yourself before entering into relaxation and meditation. This allows you to remain receptive and open without absorbing negative energy. A circle of protection - Imagine yourself in a unique sphere. This is your very own protective bubble which is surrounded by iridescent white light, pink light, golden light, 

ring of fire and silver mirrors.

Just Breathe

Relaxing the body and mind – This simple breathing exercise never fails to calm both.

Breathe in while counting to four. Hold your breath for a count of four, then breathe out counting to four.

Breathe in while counting to eight. Hold your breath for a count of eight, then breathe out counting to eight.

Breathe in while counting to ten. Hold your breath for a count of ten, then breath out counting to ten.

Now breathe normally for one minute and then continue with this deep and slow rhythmic breathing. Feel that you’re exhaling stress and tension from every inch of your body and inhaling revitalizing sparkling white healing energy.

As the door to the spa opens and you enter you instantly feel at home, relaxed and at ease…..

"The Healing Room"

As you wonder around the house you come to a door with a sign saying “The Healing Room”.

You turn the door handle and walk in. The room is filled with a brilliant white iridescent sparkling light. In the center of the room is a healing couch. As you lie on this cosy heated couch, a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility flows over you. In your mind you ask for healing. You become aware of hands resting gently on your head. A tingling sensation of warmth flows through you and you may start to see colours. You then ask for a specific healing. Almost immediately you feel hands on that very place. Healing energy flows into that whole area. Gradually the healing begins to fade - you’ve absorbed all the healing rays that you need to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Come back to the healing room any time you wish.

"The Healing Addiction Room"

In the deepest part of your heart and soul, you have the ultimate power to heal, move past issues that have been holding you back and live a life of total freedom, regaining your soul purpose in life.

It is important that you actually WANT to give up the habit as a healer and techniques used, cannot force you to do something you don't want to do, or something you are only doing to please someone else.

Deep meditation and healing will bring the causative issues to the surface - such as rejection, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, the need for affection, and so on-so that they can be examined and healed.

Such self-realizations can, of course be very uncomfortable and at times emotional, so if you really don't want to address the problems you will simply push them back under the surface and nothing will be achieved. It can also allow you to let go of the problems enough to feel a sense of gratitude for the lessons they have taught you.

Healing of the soul will facilitate healing at all levels. It will help clear mental and emotional blocks, and will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, relaxed and refreshed.


As you wonder around the house you come to a door with a sign saying “The Healing Addiction Room”.

You turn the door handle and walk in. The room is filled with brilliant white iridescent sparkling light. In the center of the room is a chair. As you sit on this chair with your feet flat on the floor and the palms of your hands resting on your thighs, a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility flows over you. In your mind you ask for healing for your addiction or unwanted habit. You become aware of hands resting gently on your shoulders. A tingling sensation of warmth flows through you. You then ask for specific healing of your soul "core" wounds. The psychological, emotional and probable root cause of your addiction or unwanted habit.

Almost immediately you have an inner knowing and you feel the root cause of your addiction being addressed and healed. Healing energy flows into your whole body. Gradually the healing begins to fade - you’ve absorbed all the healing rays that you need to nourish your mind, body and soul.

The key to your well-being lies within you!

Come back to this healing room any time you wish.

Have You Lost Your Soul?

Soul Loss - The Fragmented Soul & Soul Retrieval

Soul loss allows us to cope, and in some situations survive a terrible experience, in which the dissociated soul parts, carrying the pain, the shock, the extreme emotion or the memory of the trauma which may be simply unbearable to the sufferer at the time it occurs.

Symptoms of profound and ongoing soul loss frequently manifests itself as feelings of being fragmented, of not all being there, blocked memory or not being able to remember parts of ones life. A sudden onset of apathy or listlessness or the lack of joy in life, the inability to make decisions, the inability to feel love for others or to receive love from another.

The loss of these parts of the self is often expressed as despair, suicidal tendencies, as addictions or most often as depression.

Soul loss is why we sometimes we may feel as if we have an emptiness in us that cannot be filled, or part of us feels incomplete and we cannot say why.

During energy healing these parts can be brought back. This is profoundly beautiful and empowering and can feel like a deep part of you returning home, for it will be this you have been searching for.

An healing experience which can be described as life changing.

When Should You See An Energy Healer

The tradition of the laying of hands as a means of healing physical and emotional problems goes back to the Old Testament, and now people are finding that seeing professional energy healers is a fantastic addition to conventional healthcare choices.

There are many modalities of energy healing, but generally, they all work on the same premise—that we are energy and that congestion in our human energetic system or the misalignment of that energy causes pain, illness and disease. 

Healing reaches beyond the physical symptoms to bring forth the root cause. Healing releases blocked negative energies, clears negative emotions and toxins creating harmony and balance within the mind, body and soul.

During energy healing sessions, the healer makes a loving intention for the best outcome for the client. Healing comes from the heart and it is unconditional and automatic. This is the basis for all healing, for the heart is where the soul resides. This type of unconditional love is nurturing and very soothing. After an energy healing session, clients generally report feeling a deep state of relaxation and inner peace, which promotes feelings of well-being and rejuvenation.

If you’re thinking of visiting an energy healer, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, here are some life circumstances that an energy healing session can help:

After a Recent Trauma

A car accident, a breakup, or the death of someone dear to us are challenging events we all go through. But the shock and pain of these events not only affects our physical body and mind, but our energetic system, too. The sooner we see an energy healer and have the remnants of trauma cleared from the energetic system, the less likely the pain of these events will linger longer than necessary and create an illness or disease.

When Burdened With Childhood Trauma

The memory of these events lives in the energetic system and through loving and compassionate energy healing, we can change our present lives by healing our past.

After Surgery or a Hospital Stay

When we have surgery, the doctor doesn’t just cut into our physical body, but our energetic field, as well. Energy healers have techniques to seal up any damage caused in the energy field for a quicker and more successful recovery.

When We’re Feeling Confused or Foggy

Energy healers have techniques for cleaning up congestion in the energy field that can help clients feel like their minds are clearer, this induces mental clarity and focus.

In a Life Transition

Out with the old in with the new. If you’re changing jobs, changing relationships or taking your life in a new direction. We need to do the same with our personal energetic system. If we want to feel fresh, excited and ready to adapt to new life transitions, an energy healing session—or a few—can really help.

When We Feel Stuck

Sometimes our life is stuck in a rut. Years go by and nothing seems to change, you may feel drained and depressed. An energy healing session can be like a spring cleaning for the body and mind. An energy healer can clean the energetic system, boost your energy and help you feel like you can move ahead with your life.

When We Are Suffering With Chronic Pain

Psychic surgery can be performed by an Energy healer as this deeper healing method is worked on in the energy counterpart to help to alleviate pain and discomfort within the body.

Any Time

You don't have to be ill to be healed, so why wait for your body to scream at you that something is wrong. Take care of yourself with regular maintenance

Your energy system also needs cleansing and caring for as well as your physical body. Energy healing can be integrated into all our massages and facials which intensifies our treatment structures. Any time is a good time to get a little healing for our precious energetic system.

The Healing Medium 

Aura Cleansing Baths And Why They Are So Important.


As we go about about our daily lives, we constantly interact with energies that are everywhere, before you know it you feel drained, have an headache, may suddenly feel anxious or sick.

Our aura's constantly collect energy. Cleansing your aura helps you to re-balance yourself. It helps you to focus on and enjoy your own energy and not be dragged down by everything around you.

Raise your vibration - The element of salt has always been a powerful weapon against negative energies and psychic attack. As you run your bath sprinkle the salt into the water, add a few drops of lavender and clary sage aromatherapy essential oils to relax and prepare your mind and body for a more restful nights sleep. The salt will draw negative energies from deep within the physical body as well as from your aura.

Set your intention - In order for your aura cleansing bath to work, light a candle and set your intention. This can be as simple as asking that you want to refresh & restore your aura, ridding you of what no longer serves you, clearing negative energies and being kind to yourself by cleansing and purifying your aura.

Visualization - Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse, purify & protect your aura. So once in your bathtub simply visualize surrounding yourself in iridescent white healing light. The salt is like a sponge, soaking everything that no longer serves you from your physical and auric body.

After your auric cleansing bath, put on some comfy clothes, white sage smudge yourself and your bathroom for any remaining residual energy and then relax with a herbal tea.

Signs you need an aura cleansing bath.

*You are feeling emotionally and physically drained.

*You feel overstimulated and need to get grounded.

*You are constantly exhausted even after a good nights sleep.

*You feel emotionally overwhelmed.

*You feel depressed and are withdrawing from everything and everyone.

Happy Bathing!!

Sunshine For Your Soul.


A perfect little treat - Nourishing orange flower oil. Helps to restore the skin's natural balance leaving it beautifully soft and supple.

Instant Calm - Harness the relaxing power of aromatherapy & massage.

Calm stress and anxiety with a wonderfully relaxing holistic face massage. Stress and anxiety can produce many symptoms, including forgetfulness, panic, palpitations, sweating, irritability and insomnia. If it continues, it will deplete vital energy, leading to a general state of exhaustion, nervousness and tension. Tense muscles in the face can be released with a gentle face massage using soothing strokes on the temples and forehead.

Orange flower facial oil - Also known as Neroli has one of the finest floral essences. It's effect is uplifting and calming, bringing feelings of tremendous peace and relaxation. It is useful during times of stress, panic, anxiety, hysteria, or shock and fear. It truly is a little sunshine for your soul.

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The Healing Medium 

Spiritual Healing & Mediumship


Spiritual healing can be used to treat all kinds of conditions and illnesses. It is successfully used for pain relief in all area's of the body, skin problems, broken bones, cuts and lesions, headaches, migraines as well as for stress management, insomnia, depression anxiety and other mental and emotional problems. Healing comes from the heart and it is unconditional and automatic.

This is the basis for all healing, for the heart is where the soul resides.

When the focus is healing, the spiritual source of healing is tapped, and the heart and hands guide it to where it may be needed. With intention, the loving touch of comfort and reassurance gains the power to become the healing touch. Such focused energies address the cause of sickness or distress, and their effects may appear at the levels of the body, emotions or mind.

Healing is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing experience which promotes feelings of well-being and rejuvenation.

Healing and mediumship constantly overlap, clairvoyance and survival evidence has a very important place in my work, showing as they do the extraordinary powers of mind energy, and proving that the mind survives death of the physical body.

This very rare form of mediumship involves interaction with the channelled spirits including my spirit guides - allowing them to speak to others present by answering yes or no to your questions, and by confirming channelled information as we speak in conversation. This has become the authenticity and clarification of how I have become known to work with my clients.

An amazing and unbelievable experience in which you have to see to believe.

The Healing Medium 

The Healing Medium


Angie our Spa Director, is a specialised massage therapist

Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Medium who delivers bespoke individual signature treatments, which treat the client on a much deeper spiritual soul level, creating a truly holistic experience.

Using her very rare, unique and extraordinary gifts, to physically feel and diagnose illness within the physical body, this combined with healing powers has made Angie one of Yorkshire's foremost healers - which ultimately gives her clients a truly unique spa experience.

Working at high level and channelling many frequencies of energy. Angie is also able to detect and remove external energies that affects you in such a way that it has a detrimental effect on your health and sense of well-being.

This includes psychic attack, spirit attachment and spirit rescue and release work.