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The Healing Medium 

Aura Cleansing Baths And Why They Are So Important.


As we go about about our daily lives, we constantly interact with energies that are everywhere, before you know it you feel drained, have an headache, may suddenly feel anxious or sick.

Our aura's constantly collect energy. Cleansing your aura helps you to re-balance yourself. It helps you to focus on and enjoy your own energy and not be dragged down by everything around you.

Raise your vibration - The element of salt has always been a powerful weapon against negative energies and psychic attack. As you run your bath sprinkle the salt into the water, add a few drops of lavender and clary sage aromatherapy essential oils to relax and prepare your mind and body for a more restful nights sleep. The salt will draw negative energies from deep within the physical body as well as from your aura.

Set your intention - In order for your aura cleansing bath to work, light a candle and set your intention. This can be as simple as asking that you want to refresh & restore your aura, ridding you of what no longer serves you, clearing negative energies and being kind to yourself by cleansing and purifying your aura.

Visualization - Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse, purify & protect your aura. So once in your bathtub simply visualize surrounding yourself in iridescent white healing light. The salt is like a sponge, soaking everything that no longer serves you from your physical and auric body.

After your auric cleansing bath, put on some comfy clothes, white sage smudge yourself and your bathroom for any remaining residual energy and then relax with a herbal tea.

Signs you need an aura cleansing bath.

*You are feeling emotionally and physically drained.

*You feel overstimulated and need to get grounded.

*You are constantly exhausted even after a good nights sleep.

*You feel emotionally overwhelmed.

*You feel depressed and are withdrawing from everything and everyone.

Happy Bathing!!

The Healing Medium 

Photographic Energy Imprints


Photographic Energy Imprints

This is a reading of energy from a person, place, home or business.

The energy of places in which we live, work and socialise will affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Everything that happens in a building – thoughts, feelings, actions and emotions is held there imprinted on the walls, floors and furniture.

Traumas, arguments, grief, bad luck, depression, shock, sadness, stress, worry and anxiety as well as repeated patterns of behavior and ill health will leave “bad vibes” or negative energy. 

This energy stagnates affecting people who live and work there. Energy clearing is a profound and highly effective technique to clear past energy from a home or business making a fresh start.

It is replaced with a new revitalised, vibrant and positive energy, which will ultimately raise the quality of our lives. A building that has been energetically cleansed will shine with clarity and potential.

Working at high level in an extraordinary, incredible and very significant and specialised way, I am able to read the energy of a person, place, home or business to determine if an energy clearance is required.

This method has become the authenticity and clarification of how I have become known to work, both here in the UK and Internationally. 

With this method I am able to detect the type of energy that is possibly causing problems and this can include:

*Murder Energy

*Negative Energy

*Spiritual Energies

*Spirit Possession

*Psychic Attack



*Geopathic Stress

For this work I do not need to be physically present at your home or business, so a photograph is all I need for a reading at the spa. The results are immediate and will ascertain if energy clearing is required. The type of clearance method and cost would then be determined by the type of energy / energies present that would need removing.

The effects of these energies range from mild to very severe.

*They can cause disharmony in your home or workplace, you may feel drained of energy even after a good night’s sleep, you may suffer with sleep deprivation, depression, bad moods, headaches, feeling nauseous.

*You may have sudden and unexplained bouts of anxiety and suffer with panic attacks.

*You may suffer with back problems

*You may have a sudden onset of illness in which you know that something isn’t quite right, but your doctor cannot find anything physically wrong with you – *Energy system problems will not show up on any blood tests, x-rays or any other medical intervention.

*You may feel physically and emotionally challenged and suffer with mental health issues including thoughts of suicide.

*Your children may feel unsettled and are struggling with sleep or maybe they are having reoccurring nightmares.

*Your pets too are affected by these invisible and intangible energies which may make them too feel unsettled and they may also display changes in behavior.

Energy cleansing is purification – clearing away of negative & stagnant energies.

*An energy clearing will increase your energy, vitality, well-being and clarity.

*It is particularly useful after a divorce, bereavement or change of job.

*If you feel stuck in a rut and have gone through periods of arguments or bad luck.

*If you feel uncomfortable or spooked in any room - especially rooms that feels cold or has unpleasant smells with a feeling of being watched or touched.

*To help sell a house or business

*If your business is failing and having financial misfortune or you are having staffing or customer issues.

*When you move house or business premises to remove the energy of the previous occupants and to make it yours filled with loving light and positive energy.

*If you know the building or land has had a violent history

*If you have been burgled or had a bad experience in your home or business

*To increase and expand an area in your life including prosperity, creativity and relationships.

The effects of energetically cleansing can in most cases be felt immediately, but it can take up to 24 hours to completely transform the energies.

There are many different ways in which to cleanse negative energy, but on occasion you may need the help of a specialist in energy clearing and spirit release. 

The Healing Medium 

Spiritual Healing & Mediumship


Spiritual healing can be used to treat all kinds of conditions and illnesses. It is successfully used for pain relief in all area's of the body, skin problems, broken bones, cuts and lesions, headaches, migraines as well as for stress management, insomnia, depression anxiety and other mental and emotional problems. Healing comes from the heart and it is unconditional and automatic.

This is the basis for all healing, for the heart is where the soul resides.

When the focus is healing, the spiritual source of healing is tapped, and the heart and hands guide it to where it may be needed. With intention, the loving touch of comfort and reassurance gains the power to become the healing touch. Such focused energies address the cause of sickness or distress, and their effects may appear at the levels of the body, emotions or mind.

Healing is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing experience which promotes feelings of well-being and rejuvenation.

Healing and mediumship constantly overlap, clairvoyance and survival evidence has a very important place in my work, showing as they do the extraordinary powers of mind energy, and proving that the mind survives death of the physical body.

The Healing Medium 

The Healing Medium


Angie our Spa Director, is a specialised massage therapist

Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Medium who delivers bespoke individual signature treatments, which treat the client on a much deeper spiritual soul level, creating a truly holistic experience.

Using her very rare, unique and extraordinary gifts, to physically feel and diagnose illness within the physical body, this combined with healing powers has made Angie one of Yorkshire's foremost healers - which ultimately gives her clients a truly unique spa experience.

Working at high level and channelling many frequencies of energy. Angie is also able to detect and remove external energies that affects you in such a way that it has a detrimental effect on your health and sense of well-being.

This includes psychic attack, spirit attachment and spirit rescue and release work.