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Past Life Recall

The Benefits of Past Life Regression

As you begin to explore yourself through past life regression your mind will begin to open.

 Here are the benefits of a session that will make anyone a believer.

Why do I have recurring dreams or nightmares? Why do I feel such a strong connection to certain people? Why do I have certain birthmarks? 

Have I lived Before?

Lots of people remember their past lives. Many people experience memory breakthroughs from their past lives in their current lifetimes. These can come in many forms, including Deja Vu, the feeling of a strange familiarity when one has never been to a particular place, and recurring

 dreams or nightmares.

What is a Past Life Regression Session?

Past life regression is a very safe procedure and a person cannot access his or her past lives unless they are open to the procedure and willing to place themselves in a profound state of relaxation. It allows people to very quickly access their higher self or  “the sub-conscious.”

Though we do not consciously remember all of the things that happened to us in our past lives, our sub-conscious keeps a very detailed record. This information is stored within us across multiple lifetimes and can be accessed under the right conditions.

Sometimes people have flashbacks during the waking state that do not make any sense to them within the framework of their current lifetime.

These flashbacks can be triggered by many things, such as driving through a city where one has lived a past life. Though the person has never been there, they feel a strong sense of recognition.

A past life regression session can help you see the events in other lifetimes that led to this particular incarnation and its unique soul lessons.

Reincarnation and Past Life Regression

Past life regression is not a new thing. It is mentioned as far back as the Upanishads in India.

 Practitioners have discovered that you do not have to believe in order to benefit from the session.

People who are not believers in reincarnation are often not sure if their memories are real or imagined. That does not stop them from gaining great benefit through the sessions and ensuing conversations with their practitioners. 

They still find the messages relevant and experience healing.

The Subconscious is a part of every person’s mind. It absolutely exists, whether you believe it or not. It is buried just under the level of our conscious minds. While we are rarely aware of it, it is constantly observing and recording everything that happens in all our lives throughout time.

Higher Consciousness is our link to Source, the Akashic records, and all of the information encoded within our soul.

When it is brought forward, there is no question it cannot answer.

What Does a Past Life Regression Session Feel Like?

When you partake in a past life regression session, you are entering a very relaxed state in which you are still aware and in complete control. 

Past life regression can only be successful under these conditions. This is not a form of suggestion or mind-control.

When it is contacted, the higher self will selectively reveal what is most healing for what you are experiencing in that particular time in your current life.

Some people see small snatches of several past lives. Others may spend more time viewing one specific past life in more detail, thoroughly unlocking the lessons that particular incarnation was meant to impart. Some discover repressed memories from the current lifetime.

Physically, everyone reacts to a past life regression session differently. Most come out of it feeling relaxed and refreshed with a sense of awe.

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