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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can be used to treat all kinds of conditions and illnesses. It is successfully used for pain relief in all area's of the body, skin problems, broken bones, cuts and lesions, headaches, migraines as well as for stress management, insomnia, depression anxiety and other mental and emotional problems.

Healing comes from the heart and it is unconditional and automatic.

This is the basis for all healing, for the heart is where the soul resides.

When the focus is healing, the spiritual source of healing is tapped, and the heart and hands guide it to where it may be needed.

With intention, the loving touch of comfort and reassurance gains the power to become the healing touch.

Such focused energies address the cause of sickness or distress, and their effects may appear at the levels of the body, emotions or mind.

Healing is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing experience which promotes feelings of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Healing and mediumship constantly overlap, clairvoyance and survival evidence has a very important place in my work, showing as they do the extraordinary powers of mind energy, and proving that the mind survives death of the physical body.

This very rare form of mediumship involves interaction with the channelled spirits including my spirit guides - allowing them to speak to others present by answering yes or no to your questions, and by confirming channelled information as we speak in conversation. This has become the authenticity and clarification of how I have become known to work with my clients.

An amazing and unbelievable experience in which you have to see to believe.

You may even catch a glimpse too!!