Inner Calm

Relax, Rebalance & Recharge...

"A time for your soul to be soothed, infused and recharged with healing energy"

Calm stress and anxiety with this wonderfully relaxing healing spa package.

Stress and anxiety can produce many symptoms, including forgetfulness, panic, palpitations, sweating, irritability and insomnia. If it continues, it will deplete vital energy, leading to a general state of exhaustion, nervousness and tension.

A top to toe Reiki treatment incorporating holistic face massage with beautiful Neroli oil -

It's effect is uplifting and calming, bringing a feeling of  inner peace. It is useful during times of anxiety, panic, hysteria, shock, grief and fear. The treatment is complimented with a soul soothing scalp massage.

Achieving the "stillpoint" is essential within this treatment as this helps the central nervous system to release shock, trauma, stress and depression from the entire body and within the energy field.

Some clients report an "out of body experience" within their treatments.

This is not simply a state of relaxation throughout your holistic treatments. It is in fact a necessary state to allow healing guides to work with me and through me to deliver healing on a much higher level through your human energy field.

When in a relaxed state the body has the opportunity to heal itself and function more efficiently. Allowing the healing energies to settle and for you to experience a deep state of relaxation and inner peace you will be left for 20 minutes cocooned on our heated spa massage couch at the end of your treatments.

*It is important that you are not under the influence of any recreational drugs or alcohol - including hangovers

when receiving treatments*

Healing Crisis

Soul Loss

Soul Loss - The Fragmented Soul & Soul Retrieval

Soul loss allows us to cope, and in some situations survive a terrible experience, in which the dissociated soul parts, carrying the pain, the shock, the extreme emotion or the memory of the trauma which may be simply unbearable to the sufferer at the time it occurs.

Symptoms of profound and ongoing soul loss frequently manifests itself as feelings of being fragmented, of not all being there, blocked memory or not being able to remember parts of ones life. A sudden onset of apathy or listlessness or the lack of joy in life, the inability to make decisions, the inability to feel love for others or to receive love from another.

The loss of these parts of the self is often expressed as despair, suicidal tendencies, as addictions or most often as depression.

Soul loss is why we sometimes we may feel as if we have an emptiness in us that cannot be filled, or part of us feels incomplete and we cannot say why.

During energy healing these parts can be brought back. This is profoundly beautiful and empowering and can feel like a deep part of you returning home, for it will be this you have been searching for.

An healing experience which can be described as life changing.

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