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Signature Holistic Facial

Taking you on a multi sensory journey around the world.

A truly holistic and deep healing facial which refreshes the soul as well as the skin.

Deep cleanse & tone, hot towels, exfoliation, pressure point facial massage, mask, scalp massage & moisturise.

£50 - 60 mins

Luxury Holistic Signature Facial 

Aromatherapy warm oil back, neck & shoulder massage - soothing you into a state of deep relaxation followed by facial, deep cleanse & tone, hot towels, exfoliation, facial reflexology, mask, scalp massage & lower leg & foot massage, moisturise.

£75 - 90 mins

Signature Cleanse & Boost

This mini facial is a deep hot mitt cleanse with massage and serum application to boost and refresh the skin.

A complimentary sachet of serum is given at the end of the treatment to take home.

£19 - 20 mins

A lovely finishing touch to any of our back massages.

NYR  Facial  Experience

Deep cleanse & tone, exfoliation, hot towels, Eastern pressure point massage, moisturise & soul soothing scalp massage.

£55 - 60 mins

NYR Luxury Facial 

Aromatherapy warm oil back, neck & shoulder massage - soothing you into a state of deep relaxation followed by our NYR signature facial

£75 - 90 mins

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing  Facial

A totally heavenly, sensory, holistic experience this treatment takes you on a magical journey to a sacred place within that totally rejuvenates the body and brings about total relaxation. Gathering the healing energy of nature’s crystal wands in this totally holistic signature treatment which nurtures the soul through a journey of sensory relaxation. The Crystal Wand Healing Facial is a unique experience combined together with rose facial oils bringing TOTAL balance and harmony. Each treatment is a signature experience beginning with 7 breaths. The inner mind reaches out to achieve relaxation at a soul level. Massage using our unique crystal wands, specifically treats the skin with touch therapy, giving deeper relaxation.

£69 - 90 mins

Facial Rejuvenation

The ultimate healing experience, incorporating a luxurious bespoke healing facial 

Vibrational face lift & Reiki healing.

This treatment gives a deep, blissful relaxation that just melts away stress and tension by assisting the brain waves to slow down into the Theta state, which is achieved in Deep Meditation and leaves you looking and feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and reconnected.

This facial experience is designed to imbue the skin cells with fresh energy, lively flow of blood, oxygen and collagen - awakening the skins own healing ability to regenerate whilst on a much deeper healing level- releasing stress, trauma and emotions held in the face to promote a healthier, glowing complexion and a more youthful looking you.

This vibrational face lift - lifts the face & neck for the ultimate in relaxation with a fusion of Reiki healing combined with Native American healing techniques further offers a complete top to toe rejuvenation which effects the entire body for maximum health and well-being.

Using a selection of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic luxury skincare creams and elixirs -

Facial reflexology, Deep lymphatic drainage,

Hot towels, Japanese facelift massage, soothing and cooling Jade crystal rollers combined with Gua Sha - A traditional Chinese treatment & Indian head massage makes this one amazing facial experience.

£85 - 90 mins

Soul Solitude

When you need a little time to relax and simply be...

This luxurious treatment is designed to quench dry skin. Deeply nourishing orange flower oil, or Neroli as it's known is the hero of this facial which is designed to leave dry, lacklustre skin feeling super hydrated, soft supple and beautifully revitalised. Neroli is one of the finest floral essences.It's effect is uplifting and calming, bringing a feeling of peace. It is useful during times of anxiety, panic, hysteria, shock, grief and fear.

A beautifully decadent Neroli facial experience.

*Hot steam towel cleanse & tone


*Facial Massage - Ancient Tibetan techniques awaken the energy lines in the face giving a heavenly glow, whilst Reiki energy healing brings a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace.

*Soothing & cooling rose quartz crystal rollers

*Relaxing massage to neck & shoulders


*Soul soothing scalp massage - Wonderful for stressed minds, bringing mental clarity & focus.

*Therapeutic foot massage - Luxurious hot steam towel cleanse and massage.

The perfect antidote for tired, aching, heavy legs and feet.

£79 - 120 mins

 Holistic Heaven

Hopi Ear Candling & Facial Reflexology

This treatment is excellent for anyone who suffers with excess wax in the ears, sinusitis or blocked sinuses.

The ear candles are hollow and when lit gently palpate the ear drum. The treatment is completely painless and is actually very relaxing and is followed with a Lava Shell Therma Facial Massage & Soul Soothing Scalp Massage.

The natural heat from the lava shells instantly relax you allowing you to drift into a tranquil state of mind whilst The lava shells warmth will improve circulation, ease tension lines and boost your skins natural radiance whilst alleviating sinus blockages and puffiness.

This therapy is also helpful for earache, headaches, migraines, head colds, snoring, catarrh, tinnitus,

vertigo, glue ear, meniere's disease, facial neuralgia and hay fever.

£75 - 90 mins