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Shamanic Healing 

Shamanic Healing Modalities

The Healing Mediums work is 100% Spirit-directed.

 My only goal is to be a clear and open channel for Divine Healing, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love to flow through me for your highest healing.

Each client and each situation is different. When a client arrives for a session, Angie scans and reads the energy body and receives information including the healing modalities that are recommended for the client. It is normal to have more than one healing modality done in a session.

Soul Retrieval

One of the most common and universal techniques a shaman employs is retrieval of a lost soul part.

Soul loss occurs when we experience any kind of trauma, shock, pain or loss. A part of the soul, an essence, leaves the body as a natural self-defense mechanism to avoid the pain of a particular experience.

Symptoms of soul loss include depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction, chronic illness, prolonged grief, PTSD, blank gaps in memory, 

and disconnection with the body.

Causations of soul loss include, but are not limited to any kind of abuse, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse, the death of a loved one, including the death of a pet, divorce or separation (your own or your parents), any kind of an accident, hospitalization, surgery, childbirth, long-term illness, financial loss, loss of home, experiencing natural disasters, war or violence.

Shamans work with a client to locate, heal and bring back lost soul parts and to assist the client in processing and integrating the return of the

 soul parts.

Psychopomp Work

The word 'psychopomp' is derived from Greek and means 'leader of souls'.

The shaman assists a person who has died to cross over to the Light. For a variety of reasons, some individuals remain earthbound after death instead of crossing over into the Light.

Some situations which cause an individual's spirit to remain on earth after death include, a sudden and unexpected death (including murder, death through war, an accident or suicide), or a deep attachment to a person or family or a strong desire to complete some remaining 

unfinished business.

A shaman's job is to help that individual soul move out of this dimension upon death, and take it to the Light.


Misplaced energy can have its origin from many different sources, including toxic energy, curses, spirit possession, and negative thought forms, such as anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, bitterness, and resentment.

Symptoms of intrusions of unwanted energy may include sudden onset of pain, extreme tiredness and exhaustion, sudden change in mood or personality including anger, depression, suicidal thoughts.

Symptoms may include localized pain, sudden anger, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Misplaced energy in its most extreme form would include possession and the shaman's job is to remove the possessing spirit from the client.

Power Retrieval

Shamans believe that each of us has a spirit guardian whose job it is to protect and empower us throughout our life.

These guardians are from the nature kingdom and may come in the form of an animal, winged one or being from the waters. They are here to serve as compassionate and benevolent allies and protectors, and each one has great wisdom and brings specific power, strength, protection, talents and purpose to assist an individual on his/her path in life.

Shamans believe we are all born with power allies/guides/guardians. However, at various times in our lives, we can all benefit from having additional power to help us when we are recovering from illness, surgery, trauma, or trying to start something new or leave something behind. Power retrieval also addresses the issue of power loss. Symptoms of power loss may include: chronic illness, chronic misfortune or bad luck, frequent accidents, long-term patterns of victimization, and depression.

Power retrieval is a healing modality and a great gift to receive. It is important to note that a shaman does not choose your power ally. Spirit reads your heart and knows exactly what you need. It is the shamans job to locate your power and bring it to you with information as to the specific gifts and assistance that the ally offers to you.

Soul Remembering

The shaman travels to the client's soul to receive information on the client's life purpose, including what talents, skills and gifts this individual has and how the soul wants these to be utilized.

The shaman brings to the client this information along with a symbol which the soul has given to the shaman to bring to the client as a reminder of who they are on a core level, the Light they carry, and their connection to God/Divine.

Ancestral Work

There are times when ancestral work is necessary for an individual to move forward on his/her path.

Whether we like it or not, we are the sum total of our ancestors embodied here on earth. We carry their gifts, talents, courage, and biology, and we may also carry their negative beliefs, thought patterns, and contracts (both conscious and unconscious) they had when they were alive. For example, many women unconsciously carry the limiting beliefs from the women in their lineage about who they can be as women in this world. Part of the ancestral work I do is to locate the negative belief that has flowed through the family line, determine where it resides in the body of the client and release it, thereby freeing the client from the negative or limiting belief. This work may or may not involve bringing an ancestor in to the session.

Other types of ancestral healing include helping the client to forgive a deceased parent or grandparent for wrongs that were done, lifting of family curses, removal of unhealthy family contracts, healing a deceased soul or group of souls in the family, and assisting the client in completion of unfinished family business.

House and Land Clearings and House and Land Blessings

Homes, buildings, and land can absorb and collect energies, leaving an energetic imprint that can be felt and sensed. Oftentimes these energies are not positive or beneficial and can either interfere with the sale of a property, or be the cause of sickness, misfortune, or lack of well-being to the occupants of a property.Energetic imprints come from people who have previously occupied the home or building or from events that occurred at these locations and can remain for many years, even centuries.For example, if the occupants of a home fought a lot or if there was violence in the home, then an imprint of that energy will remain which can make it difficult for the home to sell. The same holds true if someone was very ill and died at home, a residue of sadness may remain. Land also can hold energy, especially when there is a history to the area. If there was bloodshed or displacement of people then the land will hold that imprint. The energetic clearing of a home, building or land is a wise course of action for anyone wishing to sell or purchase a new property. Angie provides clearing for homes and buildings, land clearing and healing, and also creates special blessing ceremonies for owners of a new homes and new businesses.