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Reiki & Meditation


Meditation is an altered state of consciousness that results in a deeply relaxed state of being, which can be used to either increase or decrease your awareness of the world around you.

Meditation is a mental and spiritual discipline which is open to anyone who is willing to try it. In all forms of meditation there is a focus and a quieting of the mind. This aims at first to reduce and eventually eliminate the chatter of daily life and the stresses of the environment in which we live, providing a haven within which we are free to connect with our inner being.

A Deep Healing Spiritual Soul Journey...

Deep clearing meditations designed to release stored emotional pain, working with the Archangels, you will be able to cut etheric cords to challenging relationships, let go of past life trauma and troublesome vows of poverty or suffering.

Meditations will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

It will help clear mental and emotional blocks.

Facilitate healing at all levels and will leave you feeling empowered,

grounded, relaxed and refreshed.