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Heavenly Hour

Choose any 2 of these treatments.

*Indian Head Massage – signature scalp, neck, shoulder massage

*Signature back, neck & shoulder massage

*Express facial – NYR organic skincare, cleanse, tone, facial massage, moisturise.

*Lower leg & foot massage

*Hand & arm reflexology


£50 - 60 mins

Float Away.... Pure Bliss

*Indian head massage – a deeply relaxing treatment. Allowing mental clarity and focus.

*Signature facial - NYR organic skin care - cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, massage & moisturise.

*Signature hand or foot reflexology – This oriental method works on the pressure points of the hands or feet that relate to specific organs in the body.

Signature lemon & ginger tea

£65 - 90 mins


Treat your feet with a fusion of Reiki & Reflexology.

An ancient oriental foot massage working on pressure points on the feet that relate to specific parts of the body, combined with the healing power of reiki you'll experience a sense of inner peace and deep relaxation.

Treatment package includes : welcome drink, hot towel foot cleanse, lower leg massage, reflexology treatment, and reiki.

£50 - 60 mins

In addition to this package we are offering a complimentary 15 min free upgrade to include a taster session of either hand or facial reflexology.

A little me time - Warm up & Wind down.....

Welcome drink

Complimentary robes and slippers

Complimentary teas, coffee or hot chocolate

*Infrared sauna

*Stress busting scalp massage – targeted specific massage to reduce stress and tension

*Warming Bamboo Back, neck and shoulder massage & backs of legs

Unique massage that concentrates on the back of the body and legs removing stress and tension from the neck, shoulders and lower back area.

£65 - 2 hours

Orient De-stress 

A healing journey where East meets West...

Using oriental massage techniques from all around the world...

These treatments generate a deep sense of inner peace, stress and tension is released and there is a feeling of calm and deep relaxation.

Welcome drink

Complimentary robes and slippers

Complimentary teas, coffee or hot chocolate

*Infrared sauna

*Signature hot stone back, neck & shoulder massage - A deep healing massage relaxing the body to it's deepest level.

*Signature Scalp Massage - Wonderfully relaxing for stressed minds.

*Signature Face Massage - Eastern inspired pressure point massage leaving you with a glowing complexion.

£65 - 2 hours