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Healing Through The Human Energy Field

The Aura

The existence of the aura, the human energy field that surrounds our entire body, consists of multiple bands of energy called auric layers or auric fields, that encompass the subtle body, connecting us to the outside world.

The seven basic layers of the auric field graduate from the body and are linked with each of the seven basic chakras. The chakras also attune to different subtle bodies, which combine to compose three basic planes.

These planes are accessible through the auric fields.

The mediumship gift I have been given to work with in high level healing, is to be able to detect and remove external energies that reside within your personal energy field.

This is an extremely important side of my work within your holistic spa treatments.

As the external energies which affect an individual’s subtle body breach the auric defenses and penetrate into the physical body, this can then result in mental, emotional, or physical illness to the physical body.

These external energies include:

*Murder Energy -

This is one that cannot ever be cleared due to the immense trauma it leaves behind.

*Negative Energy

*Spiritual Energies

*Spirit Possession

*Psychic Attack



*Geopathic Stress

This is a much more specialized way of working as an holistic therapist.

An area in which I have studied for over 20 years.

When any therapist engages in therapy with a client, you are entering into an active energy exchange, you are working within that person’s aura or subtle energy field and they within yours.