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Healing Crisis

*A healing attunement is given with all our treatments to deepen and prolong the healing experience.

This process opens a spiritual door through which powerful higher frequency Reiki energies are able to flow.

This Reiki attunmement can start a cleansing process that affects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions.

 Toxins that have been stored up in the body maybe released along with feelings and thought patterns that no longer serve you*

After receiving healing treatments some people may have some physical distress and an increase in negative feelings. 

This is a healing crisis and is a positive sign of deep healing. Attunements activate loosening of negative energy which cannot vibrate at the new higher level. Old repressed memories and feelings of denial can therefore often manifest to assist with further growth.

During this time people sometimes report strange dreams and altered sleep patterns, strange feelings, old habits being dropped. You may feel emotional, through anger or tears, you must just accept each experience. It will pass. Try to recognise this cleansing period as a positive time during which negative psychological patterns and physical toxins are released.

The physical distress usually emerges as headaches, runny nose, cold, sickness, diarrhoea, increased urination, etc. 

This is due to toxic release and cleansing. During this time it is important to drink plenty of pure water, you should also avoid impure foods and drinks such as alcohol, meat, caffeine, and chemical additives for a small period of time. 

Any of the above symptoms are very positive signs and should be accepted. When people begin to heal as a whole, their lives are affected at a deeper level than the physical symptoms. This is because normally many parts of our lives have a connection with the physical or psychological symptom, so the healing often causes major recognition on many levels. It is important to be aware that when receiving  a Reiki treatment if you have an acute illness or pain, the symptoms could be worse for two to three days after the treatment. It takes three days for the pain to pass through the physical into the finer energy body and leave. 

Through healing treatments it is your energetic system that is being manipulated, as well as your physical body if combined with massage. 

You maybe a little tired depending on the severity of elimination. Sleeping is always a good way to allow the body heal, so rest well for 48 hours after your treatment.

Remember the first treatment will always be the worst should you have an healing crisis, the treatments get better once the life force has changed and balanced is resumed. Usually you will feel brilliant, vibrant with a lot more energy on a daily basis.

Once you feel low again you can return to the spa for another boost, your body will tell you what you need and when.