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Coffee Morning's with an unbelievably amazing twist...

 "Halloween" - Between Two Worlds.

As Halloween fast approaches It is often said that "The Veil" - The energetic boundary between the physical plane and the spiritual dimensions are at their thinnest around the time of "Halloween" Thus making it easier for spirits to transcend the veil to initiate contact.

We will be hosting coffee mornings and evenings of holistic therapies, healing and mediumship.

Places will be limited, with demonstrations of our selection of holistic therapies, Neal's Yard Remedies organic skincare ranges and mediumship. 

This very rare form of mediumship involves interaction with the channelled spirits including my spirit guides - allowing them to speak to others present by answering yes or no to your questions, and by confirming information as we speak in conversation.  An amazing and unbelievable experience in which you have to see to believe.

Our NYR Organic Event will last approximately 2 hours, including shopping time, so you will have plenty of time to sample our award-winning organic skincare collections, receive great skincare tips and learn how to give yourself a luxurious mini-facial experience.

£5.00 p/p - maximum 6 people 

"The Witching Hour"

Choose any two of these treatments.

*Indian head massage

*Hot rocks back, neck & shoulder massage

*Organic facial 

*Lower leg & foot massage

*Hand & arm massage


£50 - 60 mins


Indulge in a Full Body Massage 

inc face & scalp.

£50 - 60 mins


Spiritual healing can be used to treat all kinds of conditions and illnesses. It is successfully used for pain relief in all area's of the body as well as for stress management, anxiety, and depression.

Healing is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing experience which promotes feelings of well-being and relaxation.


£50  - 60 mins

Healing & Mediumship constantly overlap, clairvoyance and survival evidence has a very important place in my work, showing as they do the extraordinary powers of mind energy, and proving that the mind survives death of the physical body. 

"Past Life Regression"

Who were you in a past life, have you ever wondered? This gentle meditation complimented with healing will take you on a journey into your subconscious memory to where and who you have been.

£65 - 90 mins

*All packages available throughout


Please email us direct for availability on our Halloween Treats or exclusive Coffee Mornings.


When witches go riding and black cats are seen

the moon laughs and whispers

'tis near Halloween.


When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam

may luck be yours on Halloween.