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Etheric Cord Cutting

What do etheric cords look like?

 Cords appear attached to a client’s body and they are of varying size, appearance and length. They may just look like a simple  cord, cable or thick rope, but they can look like a fleshy looking umbilical type of cord or tree roots, sometimes with hooks or tentacles on the ends that entwine around the body or organs. The cords may also have a color.

Why do etheric cords form?

Everything is made up of energy. Many emotional ties or cords are formed in your lifetime, which are usually healthy and vary in the length of time they will be with you. The cord allows energy to travel backwards and forwards between say, two people. However, sometimes unhealthy energy bonds can form between you and a person. The size of the cord can depend on many things, such as the time period and emotional intensity of a relationship.

How do cords affect us?

Most of the time the cords do not seem to affect us, as the bond is created is a positive one. However, sometimes an unhealthy energy bond from between you and a person, situation, object or past event. It may be that some people are more sensitive to cords than others.

Symptoms of a negative cording can include a sensation of pulling or tension at the connection point. Physical pain and illness can ensue.

You  may also feel uncentered and ungrounded.

How does an unhealthy etheric cord develop between two people?

The average person has hundreds of relationships over their lifetime. They can be temporary or long term, platonic or may be of a sexual nature. People tend to come into your life when you have a common bond, such as through work or a hobby. Some of these people may leave your life naturally as your life evolves and some are removed from your life through a divorce or a breakup. You may think that as you are no longer in contact with that person they cannot affect your life. However, they may still be emotionally tied to you. They may be feeling anger towards you for leaving them or sadness as they can no longer see you, which means that the cord may still present and may be affecting your energy.

Certain professions may also be more susceptible to them, such as healers who need to ensure that they can disconnect from clients when not in session and to maintain their energy.

How can people form a cord with an object or possession?

People can place too much importance on their possessions, such as their car, home and jewelry. However all these objects have an energy field and they may form an unhealthy cord to the object. Sometimes people form a bond to the object because it holds memories for them. A person may put their family home on the market for sale and wonder why it never sells as they are too emotionally attached to it. Signs are trying to ask for an unrealistically high price because really they are resisting its sale; or maybe keeping too much unwanted personal clutter which detracts potential buyers. The items may hold memories associated to the house which is why they are resisting their removal.

How do you remove the cord?

I always ask for protection from  Archangel Michael, the Archangel of protection. I also ask for the healing presence of Archangel Raphael as well as my healing guides. I then visualize the cords being cut through or use my hands as scissors depending on how I am guided and how large and wide the cord is, I then visualize a fire bucket and let the removed, unwanted energy fall into the bucket.

What is the purpose of cord cutting?

Cord cutting is to help remove the emotional tie which is binding you and affecting you and your energy. 

No positive or good cords will be cut, the aim is to remove the cords that are having a negative impact on your life, health and well-being.

What else will happen during my cord cutting treatment?

During your cord cutting treatment you will receive energy healing. Where there are cords present, other areas need to be healed, such as the chakras (energy centres) or aura (outer energy field around the body).  I believe with the removal of the cord it is important to provide energy healing to help restore your body’s natural healing mechanism. During the actual cutting of the cord someone may come into your mind.

Can the cords reform?

You are only in control of the emotional ties forming from you. You cannot control those forming from other people. It could be that after the appointment you may receive a telephone call or an e-mail from someone saying they were thinking of you and you were on their mind. Do not feel anger towards them as often they may have been meaning you no harm and they may not be able to let you go emotionally. It is best to mentally bless them and wish them well. Clients also can be the ones sending the emotional tie and keeping the cord alive. 

There are ways to help keep your energy clear which can be discussed with you on your appointment.

What will I feel like after cord cutting?

As everybody’s cords are different, people will experience different emotions after the treatment. You may experience one or all of these emotions:

*You may feel an emotional shift

*You may feel more balanced

*You may feel temporarily tired or weepy, like you have lost something without knowing what

*You may feel happier

*You may feel more energetic

*You may feel more emotionally free, more emotionally lighter – as if you were carrying less emotional weight or less of an emotional burden.

Cord Cutting & Energy Healing

£65 - 90 mins

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