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Etheric Cord Cutting

Etheric Cord Cutting – Emotional and Energy Release Therapy

*Feeling depressed, tired or drained of energy?

*Feeling cross or angry for no reason?

*Cannot get over the loss of a loved one?

*Can’t get over a relationship or a divorce?

*Feeling trapped and feeling like you cannot escape?

*Feeling like life is weighing you down?

*Feeling stuck in your job or stuck in a rut?

These could be the signs that you may have unhealthy emotional ties, known as etheric cords.

We form emotional cords through our romantic relationships, friendships, family and work colleagues.

 We can even form emotional cords to our possessions. Many of the cords we form are temporary and beneficial to us as they allow the two way flow of energy from one person to another. But sometimes, even though a person may no longer be in your life, the emotional cord still remains. It is then that we may feel we cannot move forward emotionally, or we may not feel quite our usual selves. It is at these times we may just need a little extra help in the form of cord cutting.

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