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Best Holistic Healing Spa - Yorkshire

2/7/2018   By Angie 

Absolutely delighted -  We have been awarded - Best Holistic Healing Spa Yorkshire 2018.

Energy Healing

When should you see an Energy Healer

1/7/2018   By Angie 

The tradition of the laying of hands as a means of healing physical and emotional problems goes back to the Old Testament, and now people are finding that seeing professional energy healers is a fantastic addition to conventional healthcare choices.

There are many modalities of energy healing, but generally, they all work on the same premise—that we are energy and that congestion in our human energetic system or the misalignment of that energy causes pain, illness and disease. Healing reaches beyond the physical symptoms to bring forth the root cause. Healing releases blocked negative energies, clears negative emotions and toxins creating harmony and balance within the mind, body and soul.

During energy healing sessions, the healer makes a loving intention for the best outcome for the client. Healing comes from the heart and it is unconditional and automatic. This is the basis for all healing, for the heart is where the soul resides. This type of unconditional love is nurturing and very soothing. After an energy healing session, clients generally report feeling a deep state of relaxation and inner peace, which promotes feelings of well-being and rejuvenation.

If you’re thinking of visiting an energy healer, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, here are some life circumstances that an energy healing session can help:

Soul Loss

Soul loss allows us to cope, and in some situations survive a terrible experience, in which the dissociated soul parts, carrying the pain, the shock, the extreme emotion or the memory of the trauma which may be simply unbearable to the sufferer at the time it occurs.

Symptoms of profound and ongoing soul loss frequently manifests itself as feelings of being fragmented, of not all being there, blocked memory or not being able to remember parts of ones life. A sudden onset of apathy  or listlessness  or the lack of joy in life, the inability to make decisions, the inability to feel love for others or to receive love from another.

The loss of these parts of the self is often expressed as despair, suicidal tendencies, as addictions or most often as depression.

Soul loss is why we sometimes we may feel as if we have an emptiness in us that cannot be filled, or part of us feels incomplete and we cannot say why.

During energy healing these parts can be brought back. This is profoundly beautiful and empowering and can feel like a deep part of you returning home, for it will be this you have been searching for.

An healing experience which can be described as life changing.

 After a Recent Trauma 

A car accident, a breakup, or the death of someone dear to us are challenging events we all go through. But the shock and pain of these events not only affects our physical body and mind, but our energetic system, too. The sooner we see an energy healer and have the remnants of trauma cleared from the energetic system, the less likely the pain of these events will linger longer than necessary and create an illness or disease.

When Burdened With Childhood Trauma

The memory of these events lives in the energetic system and through loving and compassionate energy healing, we can change our present lives by healing our past.

After Surgery or a Hospital Stay

When we have surgery, the doctor doesn’t just cut into our physical body, but our energetic field, as well. Energy healers have techniques to seal up any damage caused in the energy field for a quicker and more sucessful recovery.

When We’re Feeling Confused or Foggy

Energy healers have techniques for cleaning up congestion in the energy field that can help clients feel like their minds are clearer,  this induces mental clarity and focus.

In a Life Transition

Out with the old in with the new. If you’re changing jobs, changing relationships or taking your life in a new direction. We need to do the same with our personal energetic system. If we want to feel fresh, excited and ready to adapt to new life transitions, an energy healing session—or a few—can really help.

When We Feel Stuck

Sometimes our life is stuck in a rut. Years go by and nothing seems to change, you may feel drained and depressed. An energy healing session can be like a spring cleaning for the body and mind. An energy healer can clean the energetic system, boost your energy  and help you feel like you can move ahead with your life.

When We Are Suffering With Chronic Pain

Psychic surgery can be performed by an Energy healer as this deeper healing method is worked on in the energy counterpart to help to alleviate pain and discomfort within the body.

Any Time

You don't have to be ill to be healed, so why wait for your body to scream at you that something is wrong. Take care of yourself with regular maintenance 

Your energy system also needs cleansing and caring for as well as your physical body. Energy healing can be integrated into all our massages and facials which intensifies our treatment structures. Any time is a good time to get a little healing for our precious energetic system.

Soul Spa

Hairdressing  - The End of an Era!!

30/6/2018   By Angie 

To all my lovely ladies and gents.....

Today I officially retire from a 30 year hairdressing career to concentrate on the  Holistic Therapies, Healing & Mediumship side of the business.

The retirement comes as the salon has again been awarded "The Best Hair & Beauty Spa" for a third year running. 

As a gifted healer, working in the most rare and extraordinary way, it has now become impossible to continue providing hairdressing services, so now I can solely concentrate on my passion of healing people and animals, holistic massage therapies and facials.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my lovely, loyal clients past and present. Many who have been with me on my journey and have supported the business, now in it's 26th year, not just as your hairdresser, but also your holistic therapist, and healer and hope you will all continue this amazing and incredible journey with me.